Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day Eight - East Coast Corridor

We start our run up the East Coast corridor today with a short jaunt to Columbia, MD. Here's the Google map of the route, with a stop at our old Richmond house along the way. There's a lot of urban interstate driving on this route, including about 30 miles on the Washington DC Beltway. I don't think Kallie will be doing much driving today. Maybe in Columbia.

Chester to Richmond

Richmond to Columbia, MD

Check out my photoblog for pictures from the day.

We had a fun morning at the Wilsons', sitting and chatting on the sun porch, enjoying a big home-cooked lunch and tossing frisbees around on our way to the car. Allen and I played a homemade version of frisbee golf incessantly during our time together in Orangeburg, SC. The year of 1986 was essentially an extended tournament interrupted by work and sleep (and sports on TV). Kallie called a shot into the pool. Unfortunately, the frisbee sank, putting us down to one.

We drove through Richmond on our way to Columbia, MD and looked at our old house (significantly expanded by the current owner) and the hospital where Kallie was born. We hardly recognized any other landmarks or roads. Without Sac we would have really been lost.

The trip from Richmond to Columbia featured (and not in a positive way) the infamous Capital Beltway. We averaged about 20 mph for a stretch of about 30 miles from just south of DC to the reconnection with I-95 just south of Columbia. I was amazed at the volume of traffic at 5 p.m. on a Saturday. You'd think that a few people would be home with the their families or on the golf course, but everyone seemed to be on the highway.

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