Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day Seventeen - Blue Hen Reunion

June 23 - We found our way back from Bucks County to Chester County, sadly leaving our hosts with a broken hot water tank and soggy basement (not of our doing--Kay asked about the lack of hot water; June found the leak).

I rested for a couple of hours before heading down to Wilmington, DE to visit two guys I hadn't seen in about 30 years--friends of mine from dorm days at the University of Delaware in the 1970s. We had a good time at two different sports bars (the second one with trivia, where we won four straight games against other patrons, including a nine-year-old girl; DADLAK is now #1 and #4 on the June list of high scores at Stanley's) talking about old times and catching up on the 30 years in between. One of them found me via the Internet from one of my Amazon book reviews back in 2006, and we kept up a correspondence that resulted in the reunion.

After dinner we went to his house and watched a home movie (on a reel, no less) that he made in the dorm. Dorm life was not a pretty sight.

We promised not to wait another 30 years before getting together again.
The girls took it easy at my sister's house--a cookout on the grill and play with an increasing number of dogs. My sister's brother-in-law sent their little white dog (a bichon frise?) Princess for dog-sitting.

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