Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day Eighteen - Amish Authenticity

June 24 - We had a quintessential SE Pennsylvania day, eating hoagies for dinner and spending most of the day in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania Dutch country. We focused our trip on the town of Intercourse, PA (don't ask because I don't know) which featured Kling's Restaurant and buggy rides through the countryside. Surrounding both were an Amish cultural (read shopping) center full of shops and snack bars. I described it as a spread-out, upscale version of a Cracker Barrel Restaurant/Country Store. Lunch at Kling's was very good--especially a huge piece of coconut cream pie. The girls bought stained glass, movie posters, and a duffel bag. Our purchases are blessedly limited by lack of extra space in the CRV.

The buggy ride was interesting and a great photo op--the Amish countryside is very picturesque. Kallie rode up front with the driver. My pictures came out pretty good considering they were taken from a bumpy buggy. There were no stops for photos - the Amish are a little camera shy. The thrilling ride through a covered bridge was a premium feature of the 4-mile ride.

"Authenticity" of the title is Kallie's word for the pervading smell of manure used by the Amish to fertilize their fields. Judy says you "get used to it." She helped by turning the A/C to recirculate while we were in the car. There was no such setting on the buggy.

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