Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trip Prep Week

It's been a nice first week off from work. The best part has being doing things with Kallie. We shopped at Whole Foods on Monday and made a buffalo grillade dish for dinner. Yesterday we roamed across the area trying to get one of our laptops connected to the Internet on the road. After stops at three Alltell stores and a call to Alltel tech service we got my laptop and her phone to mate up and do the job.

On Tuesday she went to the local water park with her friend, which created the extra errand of going back on Wednesday to retrieve eyeglasses that were left behind when she pulled a towel out of her bag. On Wednesday morning, we were giddy to learn that the glasses were in lost and found. The expensive, time-consuming errand of getting new glasses was replaced by the cheap and quick job of going to the water park lost and found and claiming the glasses.

Today Kallie completes her last two hours of private on-road driver training. When she comes home we'll go to the Office of Motor Vehicles to get her learner's permit. With that in hand, she can drive while I ride. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but if she wants to drive, I'll go for it.

Around the house, I try to stay on top of the work - laundry and dishwasher mostly. There should only be about one load of wash to do tomorrow before we leave for Tennessee on Saturday morning.

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