Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 39 - I Saw St. Augustine

July 15 - This was my last serious travel and sightseeing day, and we did a good bit of both. The girls got moving a little early. We made our exit from Savannah before 10:30 with Kallie driving. She handled a couple short stretches of limited access highway--even managing an on ramp and driving almost 60 mph at one point.

We planned all along to eat lunch in St. Augustine, FL, the oldest city in the U.S. The trip to that point was smooth, and our lunch at Conch House, which we found from a billboard, was both delicious and entertaining. The restaurant was part of a waterside resort. We were there at low tide and saw a plethora of marine creatures - crabs, pelicans, roseate spoonbills and boat-tailed grackles, the last of which scavenged the remains of diners' meals.

After lunch we tried a self-guided tour of St. Augustine. Kallie took a few pictures, but mostly it felt like we were trying to navigate all the one way streets rather than see the sights. Without a guide it's hard to distinguish the real historical buildings from the faux historical buildings. We recognized the fort and Flagler College, which was once the Ponce de Leon Hotel.

The final leg of the trip from St. Augustine to Orlando was a driving adventure of sorts, as rain and traffic stopped our progress about an hour east of Orlando. On the radio we heard about an accident blocking two lanes of I-4. We exited about four miles too late (they took about 20 minutes to cover) and asked Sac for advice. She took us to another road that the traffic reporter said was flooded. We conferred with my mom and dad in Orlando and decided to press on and deal with the flood if we find it. We found more traffic, but never went underwater. The trip took an extra hour but we arrived in time for dinner and the Major League All-Star Game--all 15 innings of it, ending at 1:30 a.m. It would have been hard indeed to miss that one.

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