Friday, July 25, 2008

Days 45 thru 47 - Cooling It

July 21 - 23 - I spent most of the week relaxing at my parents' house living out an expressed desire to go nowhere. I made a couple trips to the pharmacy and one to a medical clinic, but otherwise stayed at the house posting pictures, playing Scrabble online and watching Monty Python on DVD. My big trip out was to O'Shucks again for a second night of Karaoke. This time I sang four times in about three hours.
Watching Monty Python was great fun. Do you remember the Spanish Inquisition, cheese shop, Crunchy Frog and Scott of the Sahara sketches? I watched the bicycling tour of Cornwall twice. I'm still trying to find Spam and a couple others. The originals are much funnier than Spamalot on Broadway.

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