Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 40 - Doing Nothing

July 17 - After almost six weeks on the road, we took a day off at my parents' house in Orlando. My big effort was to take a prescription to the local CVS pharmacy. The girls watched old episodes of Project Runway all day. Kay read her book.

In the afternoon we had a taste of future travel as I drove my parents' RV in a training session for our August trip to Sanibel Island. Successful driving requires taking everything nice and slow, no matter how hard the other motorists are cursing and shaking their fists. The big challenge of the campsite will be hooking up the sewer line. I'm not sure I can bend down far enough to do the job. More flexible Kallie refuses to get that close to the filth. We'll figure it out.

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nancy Zimmerman said...

that is one impressive RV