Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 41 - Downtown Disney

July 17 - We had another "off day" before Kay and the girls head back toward Louisiana on Friday. I watched the British Open on TV while they slept in the morning. In midday, Dad and I went out for an oil change and wash (for the CRV) and a haircut (for both of us). We got the haircut at a shop in the nearby town of Kissimmee, which so far seems to have mostly avoided the Disneyfication of the area. Its old-fashioned downtown street looked like a lot of other small Southern towns. The haircutters were barbers instead of stylists, all guys. My barber actually shaved my neck with a straight razor--I can't remember the last time that happened. All that was missing was a red-and-white barber pole. Back home we emptied the CRV and vacuumed it. It will be nice for the crew to go home in a clean car.

While we were out the girls went shopping - Kallie came back with a couple of outfits. After a lasagna dinner we all went to Ghirardelli's in Downtown Disney for a chocolate something - Kallie and my mom live for this. They do it at least once on every trip - probably more often. My chocolate milkshake was fine, but the highlight of the outing for me was taking pictures outside the Lego store. They've created a garden of Lego sculptures outside and a series of Lego dioramas in the store windows.

Kallie got her Florida driving in when we got back home - just around the neighborhood with her Grandma and Grandpa in the car. If she can pick up Alabama and Mississippi on the way home she'll have driven in 19 states - almost unique, I suspect, for a 15-year-old with a less-than-two-month-old learner's permit.

Kallie, Kay and Mom all worked on a portrait of me to submit to the National Scrabble Tournament. Here's the one we sent in.

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