Sunday, July 20, 2008

Turkey Day 43

July 19 - The girls made it back safely to Baton Rouge by late afternoon. I enjoyed a lazy day in front of the TV, watching first the British Open and then the FOX MLB game of the week between the Angels and Red Sox. In between, I took a nap.

With all that rest and a couple of meals I was ready for an early evening walk around the neighborhood. This turned out to be an unexpected delight as we encountered the neighborhood flock of wild turkeys. Two walked across the street right in front of us. Another seven or so looked on bemusedly as I took pictures. A smaller group of egrets scrounged for food on the other side of the neighborhood pond. Neighborhood lawns provided a variety of flora shots, including my mom's fruit trees, one of which has a basketful of grapefruit hanging from it.

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